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What is the difference between seed coating agent and seed dressing agent

Seed coating agent is developed on the basis of seed mixing agent and seed soaking agent, and its advantage is that it can form a relatively firm film outside the seed, just like clothes, so the name seed coating agent。So, what is a seed coat?What is the difference between seed dressing agent and seed dressing agent?

What is seed coating agent

Seed coating agent is a preparation made of insecticide, fungicide, micro fertilizer, plant growth regulator, film forming agent, antifreeze and other auxiliaries, which is coated on the surface of the seed to form a protective film。It not only has specific effects on the prevention and control of underground pests and soil-borne and seed-borne diseases, improving seed germination rate, promoting the healthy growth of crops, increasing crop yield and improving crop quality, but also has the function of saving species, saving labor and improving economic and ecological benefits。Seed treatment has gradually developed from the beginning of pharmaceutical dipping and seed dressing to the way of pharmaceutical coating seeds, and the "seed coating technology" has also developed from the early "prevention and control of pests and diseases" to "improve seed quality, increase seed vitality, promote seed germination and early growth of seedlings" and other aspects。At present, seed treatment is one of the most important, the most effective, the most convenient and the most economical means of plant protection, and it is an important trend of plant protection development in the future。

The difference between seed mixing agent and seed coating agent

"Seed mix agent" refers to a class of substances that can be used to improve seed emergence, seedling growth, prevention and control of diseases and pests, promotion of beneficial microorganisms in soil, improvement of soil salt and alkali, drought, promotion of strong function of crops, and ultimately achieve the purpose of increasing production。In fact, it is the former farmers' method of mixing seeds, some use special seed coating dosage forms to mix seeds, but many use some usual plant protection products to mix seeds, and mix the agents and seeds before planting。In the early stage of our country, pesticide insecticides and fungicides were extended to seed dressing, and then seed coating agents were gradually developed。

"Seed coating agent" mainly refers to a film-forming agent used for seed treatment, which is generally composed of active ingredients and auxiliaries, and is a pesticide preparation that can be directly or diluted and coated on the surface of the seed to form a protective layer film with certain strength and permeability。It has gradually developed from the initial method of dipping and mixing seeds into the method of coating seeds with chemicals。A very important feature of it is film formation, and some dosage forms have sustained release technology to extend the effective period。The active ingredients of seed coating agents mainly include insecticides, fungicides, microfertilizers, hormones and so on。

The benefits of using seed coating agents

1. Economical, convenient and safe。Seed coating agent is an advanced preparation processed by high-tech technology. After the seed coating, it exerts its efficacy in a small range. It has no pollution to the atmosphere and soil environment and does not harm natural enemies.

2. High utilization efficiency and long efficacy period。The coating agent is close to the outer surface of the seed, forming a protective film, and the drug force is concentrated around the seed, which is not easily affected by the external environment, making it difficult for the surrounding pests to survive, and can achieve good control and seedling protection effects without other agents, with high utilization efficiency and slow release of the drug effect, improving the efficacy period;

3, easy to sow。The surface of the seed is smooth after coating treatment, which is conducive to mechanical sowing. At the same time, the coating agent can adjust the size of the seed particles and improve the efficiency of mechanical sowing。

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